VR music video.
Some experimentation with contemporary scenes in the same space.
Recorded with a Ricoh Theta.

Music by: I Capibaras
Director: Xeh Reyes
DOP & Editor: Raúl Blanco

Genova, November 2016


Multishot 360º music video. Some experimentation with multiple camera positions, space division and rhythmic editing.
Recorded with a Ricoh Theta.

Direction & Editing: Xeh Reyes
Production: Serena Zampolli
Music: Whirling - MoonSoon.

Recorded at Conegliano Veneto. JAN 2017


JSCR live at Fulano Backpackers.
Bogotá, 2017
Album release "Cuentos"

Realizado por:
Canela Reyes
Xeh Reyes