L’ISOLA (ESP, 2019)

Directed by Mark Jhon Ostrowski
Sound by Maria Cecilia Reyes


THE ISLAND is a mosaic film about the city of Taranto, which according to Pasolini, "glittered like a giant chipped diamond", but which also finds itself in the midst of a colossal urban renewal project and at odds with the steel mill that emits tons of airbone toxic substances each year.

L'ISOLA es un mosaico sobre la ciudad de Taranto, que según Pasolini, brillaba como un “gigante diamante roto”, pero que también se encuentra inmersa en un labor colosal de reconstrucción y dividida por la fábrica siderúrgica que vierte sobre ella toneladas de substancias tóxicas al año


World Premier at DOK.Leipzig
Next Masters Competition

Colombian Premier at FICCI
Muestra Migración y Mestizaje

Selección Oficial Panorama

Lithuanian Premier at VDFF
Official Selection


directed by Sandro Bozzolo
written by Maria Cecilia Reyes

An intimate portrait of Lithuanian/Colombian artist Nijole Sivickas and the unusual relationship with her son, philosopher, mathematician and politician Antanas Mockus.


Antanas Mockus, once rector of the National University of Colombia, twice Mayor of Bogotá and three times presidential candidate, is proof that it is possible to make politics without corruption. He recently was elected congressman and through his unconventional mixture of education and performative arts, Antanas has been able to transform a whole generation of Colombians. His mother and source of inspiration is the fascinating and mysterious Nijole Sivickas (1925 - 2018), a Colombian sculptress born in Lithuania. Nijole has never been very open about her life and even Antanas realizes he knows very little about his mother's roots.

Antanas' curiosity takes them on an intimate and confronting journey. When Nijolė is invited to her motherland for a retrospective, Antanas tries to convince her to present her work in Lithuania for the very first time. But Nijolė, who has looked at the world of art with strong skepticism, wants nothing more than having back her son in her atelier, to sculpt "something that belongs to him".

Through Baltic landscapes and the chaotic streets of a Latin American metropolis, Nijolė and Antanas explore topics as art, politics, migration, independence, the emancipation of women and the concept of family. With NIJOLĖ, director Sandro Bozzolo and his team approach both extraordinary characters in their unusual mother-son relationship, in their wonder about what should be remembered and which things are better left forgotten.


Vincitore Categoria Amerindia

AMAZONIA 2.0 (ITA-ECU, 2012)

A documentary by: Maria Cecilia Reyes, Sandro Bozzolo & Alessandro Ingaria
Sarayacu, Ecuador
Duration: 45'


Creativity versus arms, respect for Mother Earth versus the rape of petroleum, communal solidarity versus Western individualism, wisdom and spirituality versus the prevailing religion of money. And the Internet—an instrument of union and the first great network that can overturn the hierarchy.

In Sarayaku, for the first time in recent centuries, the Amazon has ceased to be a passive place that suffers without the standing up against those who bully it. A particularly visionary indigenous community has undertaken a path of creative and concrete proposals: a true revolution of consciousness that seeks to unite everyone in the world in resistance.

Amazonia 2.0 analyzes the sociopolitical proposal of the Amazon Rainforest and presents a critical message that looks for new paradigms in the fight against climate change. Indigenous movements propose new kinds of relationships between human beings and nature, and the Sarayaku people search for a forward-thinking way to enjoy a balance between tradition and modernity.



A documentary by: Maria Cecilia Reyes & Sandro Bozzolo
Original Music and Editing: Marco Lo Baido
Viola, Italy
Duration: 57'


This is the story of a very small town in the italian alps: Viola. In Viola just 70 old timers have survived to the vertiginous progress of the last 40 years. Now they are afraid of loneliness because the lack of young people and joy. They tell us what happened. 

José Guillermo Ospino Turizzo

José Guillermo Ospino Turizzo


Director: José Ospino Turizzo
Research: Maria Cecilia Reyes
Talaigua, Colombia


José Ospino Turizzo is the grandson of the woman that rescued the traditional folk dance "Las Farotas of Talaigua Nuevo". He is looking for the true story of the Farotas of Talaigua, a traditional dance group where men dress as women to remember the time when spanish colonialist used to abuse their wives and daughters. There are differents legends and points of view about happened, but one of them seems to be the real one: a revenge.