Nijole's Lithuanian Premier at VDFF

This year NIJOLE will be the opening film of the Vilnius Documentary Film Festival - VDFF 2019. The first time that the documentary will be screened in Nijole’s land. The festival will be held from 19 to 29 of September 2019, and will have screenings in Klaipeda and Kaunas.

During the opening, Antanas Mockus, one of the most famous lithuanians of all times and Nijole’s son will be present.

This is how VDFF describes our film:

Nijole doesn’t really like people. She is provocative, an artist, an iconoclast. And much of this was inherited by her son, Antanas Mockus. Along with the peculiar relationship between mother and son – in fact Antanas is the film’s guiding force – their communication and lack thereof, the memories of a Lithuania that, in times of war, had to be fled from, her artistic works and her written reflections, this film has the same irreverent, strong, and somewhat disperse character of the fascinating woman it portrays.


From lithuanian press: